Welcome to PH MediaWorX.

We are a full service digital media production agency specializing in video production, live event management, websites, and application development.

We work with our clients from the conceptual stage through the planning, design, and execution of your project to produce engaging and inspirational experiences.


  • Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Events
  • Web Development

Our approach to building our business is based on the success of each and every project meeting our clients identified goals.

Our track record of successful performance, and our dedication to our work is why we get an opportunity to continue doing what we are passionate about, our work.

Helping clients tell their stories in an impactful and engaging way to inspire existing customers and winning new ones is what we excel at.

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Understanding your brand and your customer's engagement journey to build an emotional connection is the art around what we do.

We always do our homework, placing a high level of importance on understanding a brand and its customers which provides us with long term perspective.

The resulting approach to content strategy allow us to stay on brand with a strong ability to act tactically in the short term, when called on to do so.

In today's global economy, if a brand isn't engaging in real time then that brand is likely to die.

Our planning and strategy around campaigns and projects is to deliver sustained engagement.


What they're saying

  • Testimonials
  • Peter Mansbridge

    National News Anchor, CBC

    Thanks Paul, your team was very professional.

    As you can imagine I get to work with groups like this every once and a while but you can certainly tell your people they are at the top of my list.

  • Edward Kennedy

    Chief Executive Officer, The North West Company

    You produced some memorable videos for Saturday and helped make it a very special evening for over 1,000 people. That’s what I call great work.

  • Brenda Bourns

    Owner of Event Strategy Productions

    Paul is a visionary producer with natural leadership skills and an impressive work ethic. He has strategic knowledge of all areas of production and event management and has produced significant results within a larger corporate structure.

    Paul is the ultimate professional when dealing with near impossible deadlines, he motivates his team to complete impeccable work and he is always a calming presence in the middle of a firestorm.

    Paul would be a great asset to any organization, and I'm happy to have had an opportunity to collaborate on various projects with him.

  • Craig Gilpin

    Executive Vice President, The North West Company

    You should be very proud of your accomplishments for planning, organizing and executing a perfect week that brought employees from around the globe together. Providing each of them with the opportunity to learn, have some fun and meet their peers. I am certain there are many memories that your fellow employees will cherish thanks to you and none more long lasting than the spectacular gala event. Great Event, Great Team.

  • Graham Duff

    VP Sales at Stingray360

    I had the pleasure of working with Paul as a supplier and could not have asked for a more fair and collaborative person to deal with. He managed to deal with a complex customer/supplier relationship with grace and professionalism while keeping his focus on acheiving his employers goals. All this with a sense of humour and extreme creativity!

  • Michael McMullen

    Vice President, The North West Company, Northern Canada Retail

    Outstanding! Congratulations and thank you. A world class event. Never felt prouder at being a Nor’wester and you had much to do with that.

  • Lonese Bengtson

    Training & Employee Engagement

    Paul is an extremely focussed and driven producer. As a true professional, he always leads by example. He maintains an even temperament even when the going gets tough, never taking his eye off the ball. We could always count on Paul and his team to deliver exciting results, on time, and that which we could be proud of. The productions resulting under his stewardship have set the benchmark for future endeavours by the department. Paul’s work is par excellence. Highly recommended!

  • Rex Wilhelm

    President & COO, The North West Company International

    You and your staff did a wonderful job! The work you did visually reminded all of us why we are proud to be Nor’Westers!

  • Dr. Pat O'Leary PhD

    "C" level Exec, Financial Author/Advisor

    Paul is a very detail oriented expert in his field. A very talented HANDS ON manager who worked with his team very effectively and efficiently. In Paul's role there were no holding back when projects needed to be completed imediately after the execution. He was responsible for setting up functions, coordinating his team and equipment, setting the program agenda and goals and the ultimate editing for approval.

    Paul is a very senior Producer who would add a monumental amount of experience, professionalism and mentorship to any team.

    Definitely Vice President material, I would hire Paul in a minute if I happen to move into an industry where I could uses his expertise.

  • John Bouchard

    Director, Sales & Operations, The North West Company

    Paul, I can only imagine the hours you put into the GALA! Well done!

  • Britt Rainwater

    Social Media & Digital Communications Specialist - Ivie and Associates, Inc.

    Paul was my main client contact for executing an extensive corporate website overhaul. Paul was instrumental in bridging technical, content, design, legal and project management to deliver a top quality, leading international retailer website with robust functionality and a seamless user experience. Paul’s attention to detail, eye for design, and focus on always relating to the customer steered the development of this website to success. Paul truly has a strong understanding of his company & the communities they service.

Our Team

We are a group of experienced marketing, media production and communication professionals.

We have no biases when approaching our client’s needs; we are channel and tactic neutral.

Our only objective is seeing that our client's goals are met and this is how we ensure their continued success and in turn, our own.

An extensive network of associates provide us with the depth and expertise to produce large scale projects in locations across Canada, the United States, and countries abroad.

Our work has generated some awards and measurable results for our clients.

  • Paul McCrea

    Executive Producer/Director

    Paul is a founding partner of PH MediaWorks and an international award-winning media producer.

    He was previously a Managing Director of a highly successful creative services agency, where he built strong client relationships and provided services to client companies from a wide variety of industries.

    He has directed customer insight, marketing campaign strategy and campaign execution, managed agency relationships and in-house marketing teams within fashion companies and publicly traded international retail businesses.

    His past experience includes programming development, production and on air delivery in both radio and television. He has written, produced, directed, photographed, video switched and mixed both multi-track and live sound for professional sports and the entertainment industries.

    Producing client work has taken Paul to destinations all over north America, from the High Arctic and Alaska, from Time Square to Beverly Hills, from the north coast of South America to the Caribbean and south Pacific. This has provided opportunities to work in locations with distinct logistical challenges and within many cultures.

    Paul previously oversaw all aspects of development and construction of two large scale digital sign network projects and managed the ongoing multi-channel programming within Canadian and American retail chains.

  • Hyun Chul Lee

    Director of Photography/Senior Editor

    Hyun is also a founding partner of PH MediaWorks. He brings over 15 years of experience in Directing, photography, visual editing and motion graphics composition to the company.

    Earlier in his career he was employed with the Korean public broadcaster and has worked on professional sports including FIFA World Cup, Michael Jackson and Friends documentary.

    He came to Canada to further his studies at the Vancouver Film School and following his graduation remained in Canada and found employment at a couple of production houses producing video for clients from all sectors of business.

    For several years, Hyun was the senior editor within a production team within an international fashion house.

  • Manju Dhat

    Creative Director

    Manju is our newly anointed Creative Director at PH MediaWorks.

    She brings over 15 years of combined experience in Branding, Graphic/Web Design, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing to our organization.

    Earlier in her career she was employed with Virgin Radio, Bell Media, Blackpress, and Nygard International; coupled with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

    In between all that goodness; she's been traveling the world, and is part of an arts organization in Barcelona, a painter, a photographer, and is the secretary for her family's non-profit, "Dhata Foundation" that is based in Canada and Punjab, India.

  • Andrew McCrea

    Relationship and Mobile Marketing

    Andrew has been building websites since he was a kid. Over the past 20 years, he's witnessed the rise of web applications and the birth of social media, and he's been on the front lines through it all.

    He freelanced to support himself while he completed Red River College's Creative Communications program, where he studied media production, broadcasting, and journalism. He was recognized with an award for his design skills and attention to aesthetic detail.

    He has moonlighted as a radio journalist, and works as a reporter for an online news service. He continues to design and manage the buildout of websites and online applications for a variety of clients from publicly traded international corporations, arts groups, and community organizations.


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